When Truth Is Treason



I started with End the Fed, but I think this was probably a better place to start.

As with End the Fed, Ron Paul is very clear when some things could have been too hard to understand without prior information about the subject (The Constitution, economics & the Federal Reserve).

Before reading Ron Paul & reading & watching other sources, I was a cookie-cutter feminist liberal, pro-choice even though my own beliefs made me uncomfortable, but I was told it was a woman’s right, & just because I did not want that right I did not feel I could take it away from someone else. I did not know what went into abortions, particularly stillbirth & DnE abortions; & I never realized the cognitive dissonance I was experiencing. But what right

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do I have to take another life? What right does anyone have to take the life of a being capable of suffering? Babies have been documented of feeling pain starting at 3 months.

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I felt like 2 chapters of the book (Money: The Forbidden Issue in American Politics & The Chickens Come Home to Roost) were quite similar, but I guess I understand why he did that.

Some of his quotes in this book are brilliant, I love “Truth is treason in the empire of lies.” -RP

Anyway, I regret not reading of Ron Paul sooner, he is an absolutely brilliant man, and my deepest regret is not voting for him. I looked into it when I was younger, but I was so blinded by what I was told through the education system. I wish I had read his books sooner.

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