What the Republicans Could Have Done

Another Republican majority has come and gone. And with nothing to show for it.

Although Republicans controlled both Houses of Congress under a Democratic president during two years of Harry Truman’s presidency, the last six years of Bill Clinton’s presidency, and the last two years of Barack Obama’s presidency, there have been three times in recent history when the Republican Party had absolute control of the government.

The Republicans controlled both Houses of Congress during the first two years of Republican Dwight Eisenhower’s presidency.

The Republicans controlled both Houses of Congress for over four years during the presidency of Republican George W. Bush.

The Republicans have controlled both Houses of Congress since the presidential inauguration of Republican Donald Trump. However, because of Democratic gains in the recent midterm election, Republicans will lose control of the House when the next Congress (the 116th) meets in January.

Republicans under Eisenhower could have repealed the New Deal. They didn’t. And the road was paved for a massive welfare state.

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Republicans under Bush could have repealed the Great Society. They didn’t. And the welfare state was expanded yet again.

Republicans under Trump could have repealed Obamacare. They didn’t. And the welfare state became inexorably entrenched.

Economist Walter Williams of George Mason University recently pointed out the terrible truth about government spending:

Tragically, two-thirds to three-quarters of the federal budget can be described as Congress taking the rightful earnings of one American to give to another American—using one American to serve…

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