What Next for Trump: War?

Photo by Gianpiero Addis | CC BY 2.0

True to his reality TV persona, Donald Trump never ceases to amaze.  Just when it seems that he couldn’t be dumber or more vile, he outdoes himself.  Arming classroom teachers is his latest gem.

“And you ain’t seen’ nothin’ yet,” as carnival barkers used to say.  Mountebanks and carnival barkers — that is the cloth from which the Donald is cut.

Even back in the days of television’s Golden Age, when the high-minded deemed the fare offered the viewing public “a vast wasteland” and when reality television wasn’t even a glint in the eyes of debased network executives, Trump was selling snake oil – not to rubes, that would come later, but to readers of tabloids and the National Enquirer.

Mountebanks and carnival barkers repeat their pitches whenever they can; they stick with whatever works.  This is why when Trump is feeling vexed because the law is closing in on him, or when he cannot block out the contempt of the peoples of the world and of two-thirds of the American electorate, he holds later-day Clinton v. Trump campaign rallies in friendly venues – letting loose with timeworn “Make American Great Again” rants.  As every sensate being on earth knows, he means: “Make America White.”

The cruder and more ridiculous Trump is, the better his sales pitch goes.  His diehard fans  lap up every slur and vulgarity he throws their way.

They are a shameless lot.   Nothing — not the rightwing media…

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