What? Me Deplorable?

Photo by nguyengurl | CC BY 2.0

In the Age of Trump, American politics has come to resemble a drearily formulaic, militantly lowbrow, cutthroat, reality TV show.  As per the formula, each day’s news all but invites us to imagine a contest in which the most deplorable wins – gets to stay on the island, as it were, or to avoid being fired.

Trump would be a strong contender in his own right, though, if he were still only a sleazy, politically connected, wheeler-dealer flimflam man with bad taste, too much money, and a penchant for riding around in golf carts, nobody would pay him any mind. There are plenty more where he came from, and most of them are more interesting than he is.

But he is the president, and therefore cannot be ignored.

Indeed, so far from being ignored, corporate media can’t find time to talk about anything else. He came out on top in the electoral circus, and there is nothing to do now but deal with the consequences.

Blame that on one of the most undemocratic electoral systems ever to disgrace a so-called liberal democracy; blame it too on the feckless Democratic Party and on Hillary Clinton, its incompetent standard bearer.

The jury is still out on whether, to get to where he now is, Trump also cheated — not just in any of the fair and square ways that are normal in American politics, but also by “colluding” with Russian connivers dispatched by Vladimir Putin, America’s demon du jour (for the past several years).

Notwithstanding what has…

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