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Chlorine-washed chicken, higher-cost medicines for the NHS, and importing more US goods than exporting, these are just some of the concerns Brits have when it comes to the possibility of a US-UK trade deal after Brexit.

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As Parliament continues its impasse over the future relationship with the EU, and the growing possibility of crashing out of the bloc without a deal secured by the extended April 12 deadline, talk has turned to what future deals could brighten this gloomy forecast.

One such possibility for a quick trade deal lies with the US. But many Londoners who spoke to RT expressed concern that greater market access for US pharmaceutical companies and food producers would see Washington “get more from the deal.” Food safety is one of the major concerns, despite Downing Street claiming that any future trade deals would not harm Brits.

“One of the reasons I wouldn’t live in America is because, while the food is cheap, it would probably try to kill me,” said one with deadpan concern. However, another argued that the UK should be “looking to strike deals wherever we can” in the post-Brexit economic landscape.

Another voice expressing his distaste for a US trade deal is former London Mayor Ken Livingstone. “We are just going to be in a very weak position,” he said of any future Anglo-American negotiations, citing a slowdown in economic growth and investment in Britain due to the uncertainty caused by Brexit. He surmised that UK diplomats sent to hammer out a future deal would be akin to puppy dogs “flapping around” US negotiators and who would end up doing what they’re told.

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The remarks come as Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton assured that the UK would be “top of the queue” when it came to future trade talks, dismissing the negative connotations of Britain “crashing” out of the EU.

“That’s the phrase they use,” he said, before assuring the British population that they were quickly going to “crash right into the United States,” who is waiting and ready to make a trade deal.

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