Western mainstream media ‘tremendously dishonest’: Analyst

Western governments have long sought to mislead people by subjecting them to a systematic misinformation campaign through the mainstream media, says an American political analyst.

Scott Rickard, an Orlando-based former intelligence linguist, made the remarks while discussing recent revelations about the US government’s propaganda machine.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism reported on Sunday that the Pentagon had paid British PR firm Bell Pottinger over half a billion dollars in the wake of the 2003 Iraq invasion to create fake terrorist videos in a covert operation.

According to the report, both the White House and General David Petraeus, who was then commander of the coalition forces in Iraq, signed off on the content produced by the firm.

“It is no surprise here that Bell Pottinger is involved in propaganda and a tremendous amount of fake videos and fake new reports are coming out of not only Iraq, but also Syria and elsewhere,” Rickard…

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