West-backed forces in Syria will be ‘overrun’ without support


Anti-government forces in Syria are dependent upon the West to survive in the war-ravaged country, an analyst says.

Chris Bambery, a London-based political commentator, told Press TV on Tuesday that the presence of the American and British forces alongside the so-called army was crucial to their survival.

His comment was in regard to a report on the presence of UK special forces along with CIA-traeined New Syrian Army (NSA), which is part of the FSA.

“They helped us with logistics, like building defenses to make the bunkers safe,” First Lieutenant Mahmoud al-Saleh said of the British forces.

West’s intervention tragedy

According to Bambery, the United States and Britain have been “desperate to build up” the militant group, which is vulnerable without support and cannot “essentially survive.”

“The number of people from the Free Syrian Army going over to Daesh and other Takfiri organizations has been a constant feature of this,” he said….

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  • legal eagle

    “the presence of the American and British forces alongside the so-called army was crucial to their survival.” Proving beyond any reasonable doubt that NATO fully supports the terrorists; probably why Turkey got a clean pass for shooting down the SU-24, it was PLANNED. NATO is a terror supporting organization.

  • Mick McNulty

    It’s all an act of war as real and as deadly as Vietnam was. War continues as before but calling it war has ended.

  • knifemare69

    The reason congress is trying to draft American women into the armed forces is so that when they are sent to the Syrian front to support ISIS, they can be used as jihadi foxhole warmers to keep Obama’s terrorist buddies in good spirits…

  • Tim Hadfield

    Hang on a bit – are you saying that we are proudly fighting WITH ISIS?
    I know I’m slow, but I thought we didn’t support people who do genocide, beheadings, rapes, torture etc. I thought they were the enemy. Silly me.