Welsh ISIS hacker hid information on secret cufflink memory stick

An Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) hacker who hid terrorism data in memory sticks disguised a cufflinks and plotted to down drones now faces jail.

On Monday, Samata Ullah admitted his membership of a secretive IS hacking collective and planning weapons programs.

Ullah was arrested after an international sting operation monitored conversations between him and a Kenyan contact who planned anthrax strikes in the East African nation.

He pleaded guilty to five charges at the Old Bailey on Monday. These include preparing terrorist acts, membership of IS and training terrorists.

When his Cardiff home was raided in October 30, cufflink memory sticks were found including one which held extremist data and the Linux operating system often used by hackers.

Police also found copies of ‘Guided Missile Fundamentals’ and ‘Advances in Missile Guidance, Control, and Estimation’, books once used in the US to train rocket engineers.

The court heard messages he had written to contacts in the terrorist network.

Ask the brothers in Turkey and Dawlah [IS] whether the book would be useful for them. I have bought a copy and I want to scan all 500 pages and send it to them so that they can start learning the basics of rocket design,” one read.

Another suggested methods of recruiting new members to carry out anti-drone operations.

We should also [try] recruiting people from Turkish and Pakistani defence companies as Turkey and Pakistan already have the technology needed to destroy or jam drones and planes — but that takes stealth as you don’t want to approach them saying, ‘hi, we are Isis, do you want to work for us?’” it said.

Ullah resigned from his insurance job to take up jihad full time.

He made videos in which he used a voice modifier to hide his Welsh accent.

He denied directing the anthrax plot group in Kenya and is expected to be sentenced on 28 April.

Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.