Welcome to the Party, NRA!

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, 28 February 2018

First they came for the Alt-Right . . .

The greatest Christmas movie in American history is Die Hard. In one of the most memorable scenes, John McClane watches with frustration as Officer Al Powell is misled into thinking there is no problem at an office building, where there has actually been a deadly hostage-taking. Before the complacent officer can drive away, our hero throws a corpse from a window onto the policeman’s car, then opens fire with an automatic weapon. As Officer Powell drives away screaming into his radio for backup, John McClane, his objective of attracting police attention achieved, cries triumphantly, “Welcome to the party, pal!”

White advocates may feel the same way about the current situation facing the National Rifle Association. Since the election of President Donald Trump, journalists, tech companies, and financial institutions have deplatformed white advocates on the pretext that they are “fighting hate.” There is a campaign to try to strip nonprofit status from dissident organizations such as New Century Foundation and VDARE Foundation. Internet companies are stopping racially aware whites from sharing their message through restrictive policies that are motivated by ideology. Reporters are leading pressure campaigns against advertisers in what is thinly disguised as “journalism.”

President Trump, and conservatives generally, have rewarded corporate America with a tax cut but…

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