Welcome to the 3rd World

I have given further thought to this topic, first explored here.  I will first offer a few points from the earlier post:

Codevilla: We have stepped over the threshold of a revolution. It is difficult to imagine how we might step back, and futile to speculate where it will end.

Zman: If what it takes to break the stranglehold this cult has on society is a dictator willing to toss a few judges from a helicopter, then sign me up for dictatorship.

Bionic: It would be nice to have a Gorbachev.

My reference to Gorbachev is in reference to a political leader who led through a relatively peaceful dissolution of empire; it would be nice if the US had such an individual.

I wrote and published the above on Saturday the 11th.  Since then, events have transpired that bring much more clarity…and make evident the level of risk.  Let’s just say a Gorbachev isn’t enough.

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Trump was already facing a congress in which all the democrats and half or more of the republicans were seething that he won, were seething at what he represents, and were seething at many of the policies for which he advocated – and high on that list was rapprochement with Russia.

Now we have this:

President Donald Trump asked his national security adviser to resign after White House lawyers reviewed a warning from the Justice Department that Michael Flynn had misled officials about his conversations with a Russian envoy and could be vulnerable to blackmail.

Flynn, bad on many things, was reasonably good on the issue of peaceful relations with Russia and on reforming the many three letter covert agencies.

The White House counsel, Don McGahn, “determined that there was not a legal issue but a trust issue,” Trump’s press secretary, Sean…

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