‘We are the real patriots’

American Mirror
November 7, 2018

Maxine Waters wants the violent left to understand she has their back, because “protest is about making you feel uncomfortable.”

Waters sat down with commentator Roland Martin for his show Unfiltered over the weekend to explain to the masses how they can “Be Woke” and fight back against bigotry, racism, discrimination, “political bullies” like President Trump and other boogiemen.

Martin pointed out that “sometimes you have to have some folks who will say, ‘No, no, we’ll handle this.’ You got to have folks who are willing to go toe to toe and say ‘I’m not going to back down from you.’”

Waters didn’t disagree, and instead defended protestors who have waged a public war against conservatives and Trump cabinet officials, many prompted by the 80-year-old congresswoman’s repeated calls to action.

“I told someone the other day, who is trying to say that we’re violent when we protest: ‘Protest is about making you feel uncomfortable. I’m not supposed to come to you and say, may I protest you. No, absolutely not!’” Waters said.

Leftist activists who have heckled conservatives at their homes and public venues, those who camp out at Trump rallies to spit at and curse attendees, and others who create riots when conservative speakers come to campus are simply searching their hearts and doing what they feel is right, Waters alleged.

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“If your heart tells you this is what you need to do because you see some injustice. You see people who are creating a terrible time and pain for others, and you want to protest to try to make change, to try to make it right, then speak what your heart is telling you to do,” she said.

“It is because of protest that we’ve been able to make America better,” Waters continued. “We are the patriots who say we believe in this country and we believe it can be about…

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