Watchdog warns UK terror level at highest since 1970s

The United Kingdom is facing a terror threat at a level not seen since the 1970s, a newly appointed independent reviewer of terrorism laws has warned. 

Speaking to British media for the first time since being appointed to the role, Max Hill said Daesh (ISIL) was planning “indiscriminate attacks on civilians” regardless of race or color on a scale similar to those perpetrated by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) some 40 years ago.

Last week, Hill was appointed as the government’s new independent reviewer of terrorism legislation.

Hill told the media that Daesh was targeting UK cities and said there was an “enormous ongoing risk which none of us can ignore.”

The new watchdog also expressed concern at the return of hundreds of British terrorists fighting in Syria.

“It’s an enormous concern that large numbers – we know this means at least hundreds of British citizens who have left this country in order to fight – are now returning or may be about to…

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