War to “stop” War: Libya’s “Operation Odyssey Lightning”


Everyone seems to have a theory on how to obliterate ISIS, or ‘Daesh’. However, two points are rarely raised: one, concerning the origins of the group and the second, on whether there are genuine intentions to defeat it, in the first place.

We must boldly address the first to unravel the enigma behind the rise and growth of ‘Daesh’ – otherwise, how else can the group be dismantled.

We must contend with the second point before engaging in superfluous discussions about the most appropriate war strategy – that if war is, at all, the answer.

The questions are quite urgent yet, somehow, they are frequently overlooked, glossed over through some disingenuous logic or the blame is always placed somewhere else.

Now that the Americans have launched yet another aerial war against Libya, purportedly to target ‘Daesh’ positions there, the discussion is being carefully geared towards how far the US must go to defeat the militant group?

In fact, “can airstrikes alone win a war without ‘boots on the ground’?” has morphed, somehow, to become the crux of the matter, which has engaged a large number of intellectuals on both sides of the debate.

US media gurus, split between two equally war-mongering parties, love to jump at such opportunities to discredit one another, as if waging wars in other countries is an exclusively local American affair.

Days are long gone when the US labored to establish coalitions to wage war, as it did in Kuwait and Iraq in 1990-91…

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  • hvaiallverden

    Since we cant trust anyone this days and asume as best we can from there on.
    I know that there are fractions within the new groups that is able to cooperate and coordinate, but their problem is two fold, the so called ISIS/Daesh huh, and the forces of the impperial banana republlics wassals the French and Italians, memoring good old days of conquest, anyone, wet dreams.
    So they are squiced between ISIS and the Yankeestans mercs.

    Their sham Gov. is just that, an puppet show, to “legitimize” the terror upon the Libyan people.

    I know Gaddafy isnt dead, and His blood is still out there, and the bottom line is Libyans whom to trust, people whom you know, or people whom have no morale nor any legitim right what so ever, running your land for the benefit of the people.
    No, this is the beginning of an revolution in Africa, if there ever was and time, that time is now.
    Kick ass and be pissed, look to the Turks, and I am ashamed I was dead wrong, now its different, but I was dead wrong, about the Turks/Erdogan.


  • Tim Hadfield

    There would not be any Daesh, or ISIS, or whatever you like to call them, if America would stop supporting them with arms and money, via Israel and Saudi. These are mercenary forces – withhold pay, and they evaporate.