War not likely with North Korea

US Defense Secretary James Mattis has denied that the probability of war with North Korea has increased since Donald Trump took office.

“As far as the situation with Korea, it is firmly in the diplomatic lane,” said Mattis while addressing reporters at the White House on Wednesday.

“We have seen much stronger diplomatic action,” he said, citing a recent series of unanimously adopted UN Security Council resolutions aimed at pressuring Pyongyang.

Mattis’ remarks came after US Vice President Mike Pence announced that Washington will soon unveil its “toughest sanctions ever” on North Korea.

Trump’s administration claims that it prefers a diplomatic solution to the crisis, but it also says all options are on the table, including military action.

Washington insists that any future talks should be aimed at North Korea giving up its nuclear weapons, something Pyongyang rejects.

The UN Security Council unanimously imposed new sanctions on…

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