War fever grips German media


War fever grips German media

Peter Schwarz

14 April 2018

“Anyone who, at a meeting or through the distribution of writings, incites the crime of aggression will be punished with a custodial sentence of between three months and five years,” states paragraph 80A of Germany’s Criminal Code. The “crime of aggression”—i.e., the conducting of a war of aggression or any other act of aggression—is punishable by life imprisonment according to paragraph 13 of Germany’s International Criminal Code.

These paragraphs trace their origins directly to the Nuremberg Trials against the Nazis. If they were taken seriously, numerous German politicians and newspaper editors would be behind bars. 

The preparation of a military strike against Syria has unleashed war fever among Germany’s political parties and newspapers.

Die Welt, the flagship publication of the right-wing Springer publishing house, is demanding the “eradication of the Assad regime with a military engagement” and the deployment of “hundreds of thousands of soldiers” to Syria to “in the worst case scenario, fight Russians and Iranians.”

This language recalls not only the language of Hitler and Goebbels, who also described their war aims with vocabulary like “eradicate” and “exterminate.” It is also comparable with Hitler’s mad, criminal plans in terms of content. Hundreds of thousands of American and European troops fighting “against Russians and Iranians” would inevitably lead to a nuclear war that humanity would be highly unlikely to survive.

The statements appear in a comment published by Die Welt on Thursday from Jacques Schuster. Under the headline, “A war can’t begin with a mere symbolic strike,” the chief commentator for the Welt Group declares, “Assad must…

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