WaPo’s Editorial War on Russia

The neocon Washington Post is a CIA house organ, serving its pure evil agenda, its targeted assassinations, its orchestrated color revolution attempts to topple foreign governments.

William Blum once explained why they’ll never be a coup in Washington – because “there’s no American embassy there.”

In its latest assault on Russia, the Washington Post disgracefully claimed its government “fooled the US in Syria.”

Along with Iran, it’s been combating US-supported terrorists since September 2015 – at the same time, going all-out for conflict resolution, its best efforts sabotaged by Washington and its rogue allies.

WaPo never explains these and other vital issues, featuring disinformation instead.

Throughout seven years of Obama-launched aggression, using ISIS and likeminded terrorists as imperial foot soldiers, WaPo and other media scoundrels pretended the war is “civil.”

There’s nothing “civil” about naked aggression. Nor are anti-government forces “rebels.” They’re imported cutthroat killers, recruited from scores of countries.

Major media reporting on war in Syria is some of the most abysmal in memory – seven years of disinformation and Big Lies, truth-telling suppressed, victimized Syria misportrayed as an aggressor, aiding its people, not combatting them.

WaPo: “The (Trump) administration should now be discovering, as the Obama administration did before it, just what Russia’s word in Syria is worth.”

“With heavy Russian air support, Syrian government forces have been conducting new offensives against two of the de-escalation zones, the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta and the northern province of Idlib.”

“As in the past, the tactics include war crimes, including the deliberate bombing of…

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