Wales Minister Nigel Adams resigns over UK PM’s promise to hold Brexit talks with Jeremy Corbyn — RT UK News

A Tory cabinet minister has become the first to quit over Theresa May’s move to reach out to the main opposition party and hold talks with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to find a solution to the Brexit crisis.

Nigel Adams, who was May’s Wales secretary, announced his resignation on Twitter, claiming that the prime minister’s shift to a softer Brexit was a “grave error.”

In his letter to May, he accused the PM of “legitimizing” the Labour leader by pleading for his help to secure a Brexit agreement that the majority of MPs can support. Adams argues that a customs union is now inevitable, which is “not the Brexit my constituents were promised.”

A whole host of hardline Tory Brexiteers have come out to slam May’s latest Brexit manoeuvre, who see engaging in discussions with Corbyn as capitulation. European Research Group chair, Jacob Rees-Mogg, branded Jeremy Corbyn, May’s “deputy” prime minister, accusing her of planning to collaborate with “a known Marxist.”

In her speech on Tuesday, May said that if she and Corbyn could reach a unified position, it would be put to MPs for their approval before being taken to the European Council next week. If the two party leaders could not reach an agreement, other options would be put to the House of Commons for a vote.

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In response, Corbyn claimed that he would be “very happy” meet May, adding that he recognized that the PM had “made a move” to reach out to him.

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