Wake Up, America – LewRockwell

Now that the Dirty Dems are openly pushing socialism, it’s a good time to address the most misused word in the dictionary:  right.  It’s a word that’s pretty much synonymous with entitlement.  The subtle difference between the two is that right has a much stronger moral connotation to it than entitlement.  It’s very official sounding, as though it were handed down from on high, while an entitlement suggests victimization, which connotes weakness.

That said, to those millions of Americans who are seriously thinking about boarding the Socialist Express:  Other than life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, there is no such thing as an absolute right or absolute entitlement.  True rights are those given to us by our Creator.  All other rights are created in the minds of collectivist dreamers and scoundrel politicians.

In other words, the Founders did not create the idea that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are fundamental human rights.  They simply reaffirmed what is axiomatic to anyone who believes in the sanctity of natural law.

Sadly, many people actually believe in the idea of artificially created rights, and even though such “rights” also have been around since the founding, until relatively recently they did not pose much of a problem. That all changed, however, when FDR introduced Americans to the welfare state, and artificial rights have been gaining traction at an accelerating rate ever since.  Further, now that Democrats have pulled off their masks and are openly promoting victimhood as the underlying philosophy of the land, the shocking idea of manmade rights has achieved a respectable enough status to be seriously debated in the public square.

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