VIDEO: Innocent Man Assaulted and Kidnapped by Police for Walking at Night

A Missouri man’s cell phone video captured the epitome of what’s become Police State USA.

Chris Hoglan was out for a walk last September when he was approached by Breckenridge Hills police officer Matthew Tyler.

In a statement given to the Free Thought Project, Hoglan explains how the encounter began:

I left for a walk at 12:17am on Sept. 4, 2014. I had been cleaning the basement and was wide awake and needed to go to sleep. I knew walking would help tire me out and it was good for my back.  I was heading east on Baltimore from my house. I left with a pocket knife, my keys and my iPhone and nothing else.  I walked approximately 1.3miles and was on the south side of the street near the intersection of Woodson. I saw Officer Tyler’s police car driving south on Woodson and made a right towards me on Baltimore. He slowed down and shouted out of the window next to me “What’s your name?!” with a forceful tone. I replied “I don’t need to answer that.” And continued walking east on Baltimore at an average pace. I turned to see Officer Tyler do an immediate U Turn. At this point I pulled out my iPhone and started recording.

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