Vaccine Hero

Now we know what to expect from President Trump. He is going to be one of the biggest heroes the world has ever known. He already is a hero and heroes do not change to chicken fodder for anyone. They would rather go down hard (get assassinated) than give up their inner sense of what they think and feel is right.

Until I read the news yesterday I did not think it was possible but now we have it, we have a clear picture of who and what Donald Trump is. He obviously loves his family and by extension every family in the world because he is bringing in the perfect man to do a public review of vaccine safety.

Reuters reported Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said he would chair a presidential panel to review vaccine safety and science at U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s request, drawing fierce criticism from vaccine experts who fear such a panel would give credence to debunked theories tying childhood immunizations to autism. “He asked me to chair a commission on vaccine safety and scientific integrity. I said I would,” said Kennedy.

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To my knowledge, Trump is the first world political leader to have enough courage, and perfect sense, to confront the most terrible terrorism in the world and that is the chemical attack of infants and young children with toxic vaccines that lead to all kinds of health problems, including autism, and even death. Vaccines do kill and the government does pay out for that.

Here a war can and will be fought between the vaccinationists, who insist that poisining children is their God damn right, and a slew of doctors and medical scientists and parents and lawyers who have had to deal with vaccine damaged children.

Vaccine experts decried the announcement by a vaccination skeptic; that is the…

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