US wrapping up sale of 104 warplanes to Qatar, Kuwait

The US State Department has authorized the sale of 104 F-15 Strike Eagle and F/A-18 warplanes to Qatar and Kuwait, a move that Washington says is aimed at bolstering foreign policy interests.

With an estimated cost of $21.1 billion, the deal with Qatar would include 72 F-15s together with “weapons and related support, equipment, and training,” said the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency in a statement.

“This proposed sale enhances the foreign policy and national security of the United State by helping to improve the security of a friendly country and strengthening our strategically important relationship,” the agency added.

American officials claim that the sale of the multi-role fighters would not affect the military balance of the Middle East, which is already struggling with years-long foreign-backed militancy and Western intervention.

Additionally, America’s “defense readiness” would not take a hit from the deal, the statement…

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