US worries over two-state solution after Israel cabinet reshuffle

The United States voices concern over the fate of the so-called two-state solution in the wake of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s stronger grip to power.

Netanyahu’s ruling coalition was boosted Wednesday after it was joined by Yisrael Beitenu party, headed by extremist Israeli politician Avigdor Lieberman.

That means Bibi is newset to have 66 legislators in the 120-member parliament, instead of 61, while Lieberman will be placed at the helm of the regime’s military.

The former minister of military affair, Moshe Ya’alon, recently resigned both from the cabinet and the Israeli parliament (Knesset), citing “lack of trust” in the premier.

“I told the prime minister this morning that due to his conduct in recent developments, and in light of my lack of trust in him, I am resigning,” Ya’alon said on Friday.

Israel’s staunch ally, the US, is among those expressing concerns about the shake-up in the Israeli cabinet, saying it…

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