US Republicans take reins of new Congress, start first day on Trump agenda

The new Republican-dominated US Congress has convened its first session, beginning with setting plans to enact President-elect Donald Trump’s agenda for tax cuts and the repealing of outgoing President Barack Obama’s health care law.

US lawmakers commenced the first session of the 115th Congress on Tuesday, laying the groundwork for implementing Trump’s agenda as their top legislative priority regarding tax cuts, rolling back financial and environmental regulations, and reversing Obama’s health insurance program, known as Obamacare.

Republican lawmakers began the session in the hope of getting a quick start on priorities that had been blocked during the outgoing president’s eight years in office.

The 100-seat US Senate re-elected Paul Ryan as the speaker of the House of Representatives, a role that will have him oversee and guide many of the efforts to impose Republican changes to the existing laws.

Trump has made it clear since his election…

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