US president mocked online for dumping open umbrella outside plane (VIDEO) — RT US News

Donald Trump is being mocked on social media due to his apparent inability to close an umbrella. The gaffe was caught on camera as the US president boarded Air Force One, tossing the brolly aside instead of closing it.

The POTUS was seen climbing the stairs to board the plane at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, protecting his famous hair from the wet with the black canopy. He then can be seen carelessly tossing it away at the door of the aircraft.

The open umbrella lolled about until a staffer followed the president onto the plane – but not to take care of the discarded brolly. Trump’s aide was also spotted stepping around the discarded brolly to walk through the door.

A secret service agent later collected and collapsed the abandoned umbrella.

Social media was quick to poke fun of the POTUS, with one Twitter user noting that “Trump doesn’t know how to put an umbrella down, pass it on.” Another said if he can’t “close an umbrella or run a country,” that “he definitely doesn’t know how to do anything”. Some even praised the umbrella for apparently besting the most powerful man in the world.

The umbrella mishap has not been the only one for Trump recently. A fortnight ago, the US president was mocked online for leaving his wife Melania to get soaked by rain, covering only himself as he spoke to reporters outside the White House.

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Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.