US Navy to develop killer lasers in bid to dominate future battles

The US Navy plans to develop a ship-board laser weapon that would swiftly incinerate enemy drones, sea vessels, aircraft and missiles through a 3-year deal with major arms maker Northrop Grumman, officials have said.

“This system employs multi-spectral target detection and track capabilities as well as an advanced off-axis beam director with improved fiber laser technologies to provide extended target engagement ranges,” said Tom Beutner, who directs the US Air Warfare and Weapons branch of the Office of Naval Research (ONR), as quoted in a Friday report by online military journal Scout Warrior.

“Improvements of high power fiber lasers used to form the laser beam enable the increased power levels and extended range capabilities,” he added. 

The 12-month, $53-million accord with the ONR will develop a Laser Weapon System Demonstrator through three phases that include the initial design phase, ground-testing phase and then weapons testing at sea…

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