US Navy pilots go on strike over unsafe conditions

Over 100 US Navy instructor pilots have staged a strike over unsafe flying conditions, grounding hundreds of training flights, according to a new report.

The strike began at the end of last week, when the airmen said they would perform no more flights until officials fixed the technical problems plaguing their aircraft, Fox News reported Tuesday, citing several instructor pilots.

According to the flight instructors, the 30-year old T-45 Goshawk training jets’ oxygen systems needed urgent attention before causing fatal incidents.

Physiological episodes like “Histotoxic hypoxia,” which threatens the pilots’ lives and is in part caused by the oxygen system’s malfunction, have almost quadrupled in the T-45 training jets over the past half a decade, the report stated.

Last year, at least 10 such incidents were reported on T-45s.

Some flight instructors confirmed to Fox News that the Navy’s entire fleet of the ageing jets was going to be grounded…

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