US national security advisor visits Afghanistan after massive bomb attack

US National Security Advisor H.R McMaster has arrived in the Afghan capital of Kabul days after the US military dropped its largest non-nuclear bomb on suspected Daesh (ISIL) positions in eastern Afghanistan.

On his first visit to the country on Sunday as US President Donald Trump’s envoy, McMaster said on Twitter he was set to hold “very important talks on mutual cooperation.”

Trump announced on Wednesday he is sending McMaster to Afghanistan to assess the situation for US troops on the ground.

On Thursday, the US military dropped its GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB), dubbed the “Mother of All Bombs”, on suspected ISIL hideouts in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province, killing nearly a hundred militants.

The MOAB weighs about 22,000 pounds (10,000 kg) and is the most powerful non-nuclear weapon ever designed. It was developed during the US war on Iraq and is intended to target large below-surface areas.

The Pentagon said the strike was the first…

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