US military dropped 751 bombs in Afghanistan in September

The United States military has dropped a total of 751 bombs on Afghanistan in September, the highest monthly number in the past seven years, according to data by the US Air Forces Central Command.

The figure indicated a 50-percent increase from August (503 bombs), which the command attributed to President Donald Trump’s so-called “strategy to more proactively target extremist groups” in the country.

Since 2010, the highest number of bombs dropped on Afghanistan by the US military was 589 in August 2012, still over 150 less than September 2017.

The US has dropped a total 3,238 bombs in Afghanistan between January and September this year, more than two times the 1,337 dropped the year before.

“This increase can be attributed to the president’s strategy to more proactively target extremist groups that threaten the stability and security of the Afghan people,” the report said.

Overall, the US had conducted a total of 841 sorties…

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