‘US looking to monopolize nuclear weapons’

The administration of US President Donald Trump’s various policies with regard to North Korea are rooted in Washington’s long-time desire to monopolize nuclear weapons, says an American analyst.

Kevin Barrett, a journalist in Wisconsin, made the remarks while discussing Trump’s call for a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un amid reports that the CIA had been trying to assassinate him.

Earlier this week, Trump said he “would be honored” to meet the North Korean leader, a day after praising him as “a pretty smart cookie.”

Barrett said the animosity between the North and the US goes back to the Korean War, when the US killed scores of Koreans, specially in the North.

“This horrific, genocidal assault on Korea by the United States and the occupation of South Korea ever since naturally has led all Koreans who have any shred of dignity and desire for self-determination to want to fight to keep their independence,” Barrett said….

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