US judge orders that stranded Yemenis be allowed to enter US


A federal judge in Los Angeles has issued an order to bar the Trump administration from preventing a group of Yemenis with valid visas from flying to the United States.

In yet another challenge to President Donald Trump’s ban on Muslims, US District Judge Andre Birotte Jr. on Tuesday night granted a temporary restraining order against the controversial presidential executive order after an emergency motion on behalf of 28 Yemenis was filed.

The motion was submitted by immigration attorney Julie Goldberg and her associate Daniel Covarrubias-Klein on behalf of the plaintiffs.

The Yemenis are stranded in the tiny African nation of Djibouti, where they were transiting on their way to the United States. They are affected by Trump’s immigration directive, which was issued last Friday.

Under Trump’s order, citizens of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia are banned from entering the US for at least 90 days while Syrian refugees are blocked…

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  • HarpDiem

    Don’t need to read more.

  • PJ London

    Trump being stupid and creating opportunities for problems.
    Should have made exception at the implementation for people in transit with valid visas. No reason then for court cases and being made to look an idiot.
    The effect would have been a dozen people and no bad publicity, instead he gets to rightly be vilified by millions.
    Of course the opposition is going to lie, investigate each case and show their lies.
    Show that the vetting by old administration was inadequate.
    Now he just looks like a bully.

  • nicu78

    If any of these Yemenis even get a parking ticket the honorable judge is responsible.

  • Lophatt

    Besides filing an immediate appeal, they should be confined at the airport until the matter is resolved.

  • Core

    It’s nice to see a President that actually gets shit done…