US intelligence community is infiltrated, biased: Analyst

The United States intelligence community is replete with “biased” elements and cannot be trusted to report on Russia’s hacking against the 2016 presidential election, an analyst says.

Former American intelligence linguist Scott Rickard made the comments in an interview with Press TV Saturday; one day after former CIA director Leon Panetta voiced concerns about President-elect Donald Trump’s distrust of the US intelligence community.

Agreeing with Trump, Rickard said that “the CIA needs to be held in check,” arguing that “they have provided false information in the past purposely to engage in criminal warfare around the world.”

The Orlando-based political commentator added that “there are a lot of biased individuals in the intelligence community,” which has been “infiltrated by individuals from the Third Reich, during Operation Paperclip” as well as elements from the pro-Israel lobby and Israeli spy agency Mossad, whose agents…

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