US increasing air, naval maneuvers in Asia Pacific: Report

The United States has dramatically increased its military maneuvers across the South China Sea over the past months, prompting angry protests from China and Russia who accuse Washington of fueling unrest in the Asia Pacific region.

Military activity has become the “new normal” in US-Pacific relations and is meant to counter efforts by Beijing and Moscow and show “military superiority” in the increasingly crowded and competitive region, ABC News said in a report on Tuesday.

“We’re for freedom of navigation and following the rules, and to an extent we are pushing back against changing the rules,” said Derek Chollet, a former assistant defense secretary for international affairs.

Admiral John Richardson, chief of US naval operations, said the US’s maritime superiority is being challenged for the first time in 25 years as China and Russia continue to build up their navies.

The United States is concerned that China is extending its military…

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