US Democratic congressman suggests Trump should be mentally examined


A US Democratic lawmaker has suggested that President Donald Trump needs a mental check-up after blasting him for defending his executive order banning entry of citizens from some Muslim countries.

“Last 24 hrs on Twitter, Donald Trump went on rant about ‘death & destruction,’ ‘FAKE NEWS,’ & ‘evil.’ Should he get mental health exam?” California Congressman Ted Lieu tweeted Saturday.

Lieu further posted a tweet praising a decision by a US federal judge to stop the travel ban against visa holders from seven Muslim-majority nations – Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Yemen and Syria – under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

The legislator also slammed Trump’s harsh criticism of influential US daily The New York Times, accusing the newspaper of “inaccurate coverage” on the day its print edition published an article about the president’s distance from his business empire as the country’s chief executive.  

The news story alleged that the real…

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