US contractor accused of sex trafficking in Iraq

A US military contractor tasked with protecting an airbase in Iraq has been involved in sex trafficking and other mischievous acts, investigators say.

Sallyport Global’s former and current staff have admitted to two former internal investigators that the Virginia-based firm, which received nearly $700 million from the Pentagon to secure Iraq’s Balad Air Base for F-16 fighter jets, has ignored alcohol smuggling, theft, security violations and sex trafficking, The Associated Press reported on Wednesday.

Robert Cole and Kristie King, the two investigators who obtained the evidence, said they were fired by Sallyport after exposing the scheme.

According to Cole and King, Sallyport employees were involved in human trafficking for prostitution purposes and had let in four prostitutes into the air base disguised as housekeepers.

The investigators further charged that an alcohol smuggling case by Sallyport employees led them to a prostitution ring in the…

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