US committed ‘massive war crimes' during Vietnam War: Analyst

The US committed “massive war crimes” during the Vietnam War and President Barack Obama’s recent acknowledgment of America’s brutal bombing campaign in that conflict is only a “drop in the bucket,” says a journalist and political commentator in Virginia.

“What President Obama acknowledged was really only a small part of what the United States did back in that time,” said Keith Preston, chief editor and director of

“He hasn’t acknowledged the much larger war crimes that were committed such as the coup that was organized against the government of [Laos],” Preston told Press TV on Tuesday.

Laos, along with neighboring Cambodia and Vietnam, “were subject to endless bombing by the United States during the war in Vietnam,” he added. “More bombs were dropped in that war than the United States dropped in World War ll.”

“The war crimes committed by the United States in the war in Vietnam were massive,” he…

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