US Airstrikes Hit Libya To Bolster UN-Created Government


The Pentagon has announced today that the US has begun conducting military
airstrikes against Libya with the stated intent of defeating ISIS in that country.
According to the Pentagon spokesman, the Libyan “Government of National Accord”
requested that the US begin airstrikes against what they claim is an ISIS stronghold
in the Libyan town of Sirte, the birthplace of murdered Libyan leader Muammar

Pentagon Spokesman Peter Cook has indicated that this is the beginning of a
more sustained US air campaign against Libya and that each US airstrike is approved
by the US Africa Command (AFRICOM).

Some observations:

1) No ISIS Before 2011 US “Liberation”

It goes without saying that before the US “liberation” of Libya in 2011, there
were no ISIS forces in Sirte, or anywhere else in Libya. ISIS in Libya is a
problem created by the US intervention in Libya in 2011.

2) Libyan Government Created by UN

The Pentagon cites the “Government of National Accord” as the legitimate Libyan
government and its willingness to carry out airstrikes in favor of that government
signifies US policy favors consolidation of power in the hands of this one of
several factions competing for power in Libya. It should be noted that the “Government
of National Accord” is a governing body that was not selected by the Libyan
people, but rather created
by the United Nations and sent into Libya on a ship from Tunisia.

At the time this government was imposed on the Libyan people by the UN, that
body’s envoy for Libya, Martin Kobler told the Libyan people they should accept
this new governing body even though they had not elected it He said:

I call on the Libyan people to extend to the Presidency Council and the
Government of National Accord their full support and cooperation. The international
community stands firmly behind them and is ready to provide the required support
and assistance.

The US-led attack on Libya was supposed to give the Libyan people back their
sovereign vote by deposing a leader not sufficiently democratic by US standards.

The US is bombing Libya to consolidate the power of a non-elected government
that the US installed because the previous government was not elected.

3) US Claims 2001 Force Authorization as Authority

At the 28:04 minute mark of today’s
on the airstrikes, one journalist finally asked the Pentagon spokesman
under what legal authority these strikes were being conducted. The Pentagon
spokesman replied that they were authorized by the 2001 Authorization for the
Use of Military Force.

This Administration claim is an incredible stretch – beyond the breaking point.
Libya was not involved in any way with the 9/11 attacks on the US and ISIS did
not even exist at the time of the 9/11 attacks.

None of the journalists followed up on the Administration’s claim of authority

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  • Tim Hadfield

    To defeat ISIS, or to defeat any popular Libyan opposition to an imposed western government?

  • hvaiallverden

    Ohh, ISIS, in Norway whom is a part of the North atlantic terror org. aka NATO, is talking about ISIS is in bed with Gaddafys people, and fight against AL-queda, or was it Al-queda is fighting ISIS and Gaddafys, or was it ISIS and Al-queda in an troika with Gaddays.

    Hehe the bullshit saga continues and the people in the news, in Norway, is so bonkers, I cant belive my own eyes, yea, after 3 years of Putin bashing an pol shows 50% is afraid of Russia, yea how come, sheeps.

    I hope the Libyans implaes every westerner they can gett ehri hands on, just implae the while they are alive and show it ti the rest, Yankees are the scum of this earth, we should have an wack an yankee day in our world, kill anyone of them anywhere anytime, because they will kill us.
    And boicot the shithole to oblivion.

    Any yankee dead, is an good yankee.
    Just do it.
    Let on Yankee feel safe.
    Its either them or us.

    Anywhere. they are the scum of this earth, even if the europeans mainland will be pulverised the Yankees dont give a f….. and remember the truncoats and traitores in our own gov. whom should be hunged along the scums.
    They are the reason for our economic crash (2008), they are the reason for refugies, they are the reason for terror acts, witch didnt exsist until the scums created lies to start wars whom have killed millions and right now is killing others in 17 different countrys, and they whine about terror.
    WE need an f…… revolution.
    And by that, wipe the Yankees from this earth.