Upper-Class Lingo


Vocabulary test assesses how upper class you are based on the words you use to describe being ill, drunk or moody


You may dress the part, but society experts claim that the way you string your sentences together is the biggest indicator of your class.

According to society bible Tatler, there are keywords that only posh people use – and using them speaks volumes about your class.

From beastly and jolly to tight and bate, if you even know what these words mean, let alone use them, you are officially posh.

Jolly: Posh people will describe something as ‘jolly good’ or ‘jolly bad’ in place of ‘very’.

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Beastly: Posh people use the word beastly in place of ‘horrible’.

Bate: This is an aristocratic term for ‘mood’.

Blotto: Posh people use this to describe a state of severe inebriation.

Seedy: This is another word for ‘unwell’.

Bind: The upper class use this to describe a predicament that they may find themselves in.

Brick: Posh people will dub someone a ‘brick’ if they are reliable and supportive.

Sups: This is a term used to describe a casual dinner with friends.

Devoted: Usually used as a term of endearment to describe a bond you have with a good friend or relative.

Thrilling: A posh person’s way of describing a fun activity.

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