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Volumes can be, and have been, on how Abraham Lincoln was far from the president or the man that history (written by the winners in the North) claims he is. But the funny thing is, the point can be made without narrative from historians. The point can be made, and amply, with Lincoln’s own words.

Edited and with commentary by Lochlainn Seabrook, The Unquotable Abraham Lincoln does exactly that. With chapters on the REAL Lincolnian motives of the Civil War, his views on slavery, his Fedcentric political attitudes, his surprising opinions about black and white culture, and more, Seabrook has amassed a revealing and, for many, shocking collection of quotes from Lincoln that powerfully contradict the official school textbook version of Lincoln foisted on unsuspecting students.

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Lochlainn Seabrook
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Lincoln’s own words reveal that slave emancipation was far from the root cause of the Civil War. In fact, Lincoln’s goal was the maintenance of the Union, with no regard for the sovereignty of the States. Originally – and this is history – the states had every legal right to secede and the central federal government was never intended to hold supremacy over the rights of the individual states. Lincoln, however, believed otherwise, and wasn’t afraid to use slavery as an obfuscating issue (see his words on the Emancipation Proclamation, one of America’s greatest [in terms of effectiveness] pieces of political propaganda).

He also backed the idea of sending slaves, if freed, back to Africa, or exported elsewhere, wherever convenient for the U.S., however inconvenient it might have been to others, be they slaves or the people in the places were Lincoln…

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