Ultimate disrespect: George Galloway’s London mayoral campaign bus robbed in the night

London mayoral candidate George Galloway is having a rough week. First his campaign bus driver fell ill, forcing him to post a job advert on Twitter, and now the same bus has been robbed by a “gang of men.”

Galloway’s unmissable big blue campaign bus was attacked and robbed Tuesday night, the mayoral candidate said in a Twitter post.

According to his Twitter account, a group of men broke into the bus after overpowering the security guard.

The unflappable former Respect MP tweeted pictures of “the crime scene,” which show the Metropolitan Police investigating the attack.

Galloway appears to be upbeat about the robbery, however.

Galloway believes the attack was politically motivated, claiming it couldn’t have been a “crime of opportunity” because the bus is not visible from the road and is on a site with 24-hour security.

He kept his humor about the incident, joking that “for some reason they didn’t make off with copies of my Castro Handbook.”

The life-long leftist signed off his statement characteristic rhetorical flair.

The bus, bloodied but unbowed, its windows temporarily patched, will be back on the election beat later this evening.”

The incident comes just a day after his campaign bus driver fell ill, forcing Galloway to advertise the job on Twitter.

Naturally, social media users sent in a few mocking job applications.

Someone even suggested Galloway hire rival mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan’s father, who was a London bus driver for over 25 years.

Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.