UKIP councilor ‘jokes’ that Remain voters should be killed

A London UKIP councilor faces a probe after “joking” on social media that people who voted to remain in the EU in last month’s referendum should be killed.

Terence Nathan, who sits on Bromley Council in southeast London, wrote on his Facebook page: “Time to start killing these people till Article 50 is invoked, perhaps remainers will get the message then.”

After another Facebook user expressed concern over the post, Nathan added: “Not threatening anyone, no need for threats just a bullet.”

The Metropolitan Police have confirmed that an investigation into the comments is underway.

Nathan, who has since deleted his post and said his comments were “meant to be taken with a pinch of salt.”

“I thought it was so extreme as to be obviously daft,” he told the Bromley Times.

“I did not think anyone would take it seriously but some obviously have and I greatly regret this.

“Anyone would tell you that I hold dear both respect and democracy, I would never seriously have advocated such violence.”

A spokesperson for the council declined to comment but confirmed that it has launched an internal investigation

Meanwhile, a UKIP spokesman backed Nathan, saying: “Cllr Nathan was obviously joking. He has apologized.”

Nathan’s comments come just one month after MP and Remain campaigner Jo Cox was murdered on the steps of her constituency surgery. Her attacker, a former psychiatric patient, is believed to have shouted “Britain First” before carrying out the attack. Cox’s murder—the first killing of an MP in over 25 years—prompted widespread horror and a temporary suspension of campaigning for the EU referendum.

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Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.