UK warship to join US fleet in Persian Gulf

Royal Navy destroyer HMS Daring is slated to join a fleet of US warships stationed in the Persian Gulf, UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon says.

The Type 45 destroyer will arrive in the region on Friday and take on the role of HMS Defender, another warship of the same class which provided air support to American aircraft carriers there, Fallon said on Sunday.

The American warships have been conducting attacks on purported Daesh (ISIL) positions inside Syria and Iraq for several months now.

Fallon said that all three branches of the British armed forces have been engaged in the attacks.

“All three armed services are making a vital contribution to defeating Daesh,” he said.

“RAF aircraft are hitting the terrorists daily on the ground; the Army is providing counter-explosives training to Iraq troops; the Royal Navy helps protect coalition carriers in the Gulf as they launch strikes,” he added.

British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon (AFP photo)


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