UK protesters take part in huge anti-Brexit, anti-austerity march

Thousands of people have taken to the streets of Manchester, England, to demonstrate against Britain’s planned withdrawal from the European Union and the UK government’s austerity policies.

At least 20,000 activists gathered on Sunday around Manchester Central to show their opposition to Brexit and to the government of UK Prime Minister Theresa May and ahead of the Conservative Party’s annual conference.

Pro-European protesters waved banners demanding an “Exit from Brexit,” while across town, anti-austerity protesters held up banners saying “Tories Out” and demanding an end to a cap on public sector pay,

Campaigning group ‘Stop Brexit’ unveiled a float depicting the prime minister, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, Brexit Minister David Davis and Environment Secretary Michael Gove, bearing the slogan “Brexit is a monstrosity”.

A banner reading ‘hang the Tories’ attached to two models swinging underneath caused fury among…

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