UK pressing G7 nations to impose tough new sanctions on Russia

The UK is in talks with international partners to collectively impose new sanctions on Russia if it does not withdraw support for Syrian President Bahsar al-Assad, a government spokesman said.

“We are in discussions with our key partners on how we can bring further pressure to bear on the regime and those who are backing it, which includes the Russians,” the spokesman told reporters on Monday.

He also said that Prime Minister Theresa May spoke with her Canadian counterpart, Justin Trudeau, on Sunday and the two leaders agreed to push for a political solution to the Syrian conflict.

The comments come as foreign ministers from the Group of Seven major industrialized countries gathered in Lucca, Italy, on Monday for a summit which is expected to be overshadowed by last week’s suspected chemical attack in Syria, Russia’s support for Assad, and the US missile attacks on a Syrian airbase.

The meeting in Lucca brings together foreign ministers from the US,…

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