UK parliament should support people’s will: Analyst

The UK parliament should support the people’s will to take the country out of the European Union, an analyst in London says, raising the alarm over a growing division between the lawmakers over Brexit.

Clive Hambidge, director of Human Development and Facilitate Global, made the remarks while discussing UK Brexit Minister David Davis’ criticism of the MPs who sought more power to reject Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit plan.

“Please don’t tie the prime minister’s hands in the process of doing that for things which we expect to attain anyway,” Davis told BBC on Sunday, warning that such measures prompt concerns that Parliament intends to reverse last June’ referendum to leave the bloc.

“What we can’t have is either House of parliament reversing the decision of the British people,” he added.

On Wednesday, The House of Lords voted 358 to 256 for a change to May’s Brexit plan, stating she can only trigger Article 50 of the EU Treaty and…

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