UK NHS faces further attacks with introduction of “accountable care organisations”


UK NHS faces further attacks with introduction of “accountable care organisations”

Jean Shaoul

30 January 2018

As the 70th anniversary of the National Health Service (NHS) approaches, Theresa May’s Conservative government is starving the NHS of cash, while its plans for the dismantling and wholesale looting of the NHS are gathering speed.

The government has accepted the recommendations of the Naylor Review, published in March last year, calling for the sale of NHS land and property to property developers to fund “reforms.” The Review claims that this would release billions of pounds to fund investment in the NHS.

It calls for hospitals to be “incentivized” to sell their property by receiving extra government funding—that would not be forthcoming if they refused—in what would be a “fire sale” of NHS land.

This is in addition to the transfer of much of the NHS estate (except that owned by the NHS Foundation Trusts) in 2013 to NHS Property Services, a company wholly owned by the Department of Health (DoH). The company charges market rents and inflated property management charges to NHS trusts and some general practitioners (GP) practices for the buildings bought and paid for by generations of taxpayers. Between 2013 and March 2017, NHS Property Services sold 295 properties worth more than £203 million.

With the DoH free to sell NHS Property Services, now it too is being prepared for the market.

NHS England has announced that it is to set up an accountable care system (ACS) whereby several healthcare organisations agree to provide all health and social care for a given population. This in turn means creating accountable care organisations (ACOs) to manage the contract to establish such a system, and purchase and deliver health care in a particular…

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