UK lawmakers approve bill to block ‘no deal’ Brexit & force May to seek extension — RT UK News

The House of Commons has approved, by a majority of one vote, a bill aiming to block a ‘no deal’ Brexit. The bill, if approved by the House of Lords, will force Prime Minister Theresa May to seek a further extension of Article 50.

The legislation narrowly passed, with 313 votes in favor and 312 against. If approved by the Lords, the bill put forward by Labour’s Yvette Cooper and the Conservative’s Oliver Letwin would seek a further delay to Brexit and legislate against the dreaded ‘no deal’ scenario. Opponents, however, have expressed concerns that the bill could set “a dangerous” precedent that would “constrain” the Prime Minister’s power to conduct negotiations.

Prior to holding talks with the opposition, May vowed to avoid a no-deal scenario and said she would ask for as “short as possible” an extension while she tried to hammer out a unified position with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

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Corbyn on Wednesday said he has had “constructive” talks and “exploratory discussions” with May about how to break the Brexit deadlock that has been plaguing the country for months. A spokesperson for Downing Street said both sides showed “flexibility” during the discussions.

On the key issue of holding a second Brexit referendum, however, Corbyn said there was “no agreement reached” and slammed the “totally ridiculous process” that parliament had gotten itself into.

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