UK Labour Party to scrap financial threshold for foreign spouses

UK’s Labour Party has pledged to scrap the controversial visa threshold which implements strict minimum income criteria to grant visa to foreigners wed to British citizens.

“We do not believe family life should be protected only for the wealthy and so we propose to replace the income thresholds for family attachments with an obligation to survive without recourse to public funds,” the leaked version of the party’s draft manifesto said on Thursday.

“We believe fair rules mean that a distinction should be made between family connections and migrant labor,” it added. 

In the draft it was maintained that families from all levels of income should be protected and the law should not be limited to the wealthy. It also mentioned that the threshold will be replaced with “an obligation to survive without recourse to public funds.”

The law which was passed in 2010 aimed at curbing immigration figures. But the regulation has had a devastating impact…

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