UK hospitals in chaos after being hit by cyber attack

Britain’s National Cyber Security Center has come under fire after a global cyber attack infiltrated thousands of antiquated computers and left dozens of hospitals in chaos across the country.

Around 45 public health organizations were affected by the attack on Saturday, according to British Home Secretary Amber Rudd, who said the attack froze computers at hospitals across the United Kingdom, with some canceling all routine procedures.

Rudd however claimed that no patient data had been stolen.

A malicious software known as “ransomware” hit organizations on Friday in at least 70 countries, including Britain, China, the United States, Spain, Russia, Italy, Taiwan, Vietnam and India.

The software locked up computers and held users’ files for ransom.

It demands each user affected pay $300 (£232) in the internet currency Bitcoin, to have files restored. With thousands of NHS computers being affected, the ransom could potentially cost taxpayers…

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