UK activists arrested for attempting to disarm Saudi warplanes

UK Police have arrested two activists who attempted to disarm advanced warplanes that were headed to Saudi Arabia.

The activists had entered one of the sites of BAE Systems, a British arms manufacturer, in Warton before being detained on Sunday morning, Lancashire police said.

The arrest followed an incident at the BAE systems site, police added, without releasing more details.

A BAE spokesman said the company was investigating the incident in coordination with law enforcement.

Identifying themselves in a statement as Reverend Dan Woodhouse and Quaker activist Sam Walton, the activists confirmed their charges, saying they sought to prevent the warplanes from being used in Saudi Arabia’s war against Yemen.

“A Saudi-led coalition has been carrying out devastating airstrikes in Yemen since 2015, and international human rights organizations have condemned the bombings,” the statement read.

“Stopping or even delaying Saudi Arabia having more plans with…

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