U.S. Officials Confirm Israel Hit Syria After Suspected Ghouta Chemical Attack

Editor’s Note: Israel and the Israel lobby in the United States have long had Syria in their crosshairs. There have been repeated attempts to fabricate incidents in order to justify US and Israeli military intervention in the country. Here are a few stories that harken back to similar efforts made a year ago in an attempt to achieve the very same thing. Much like the false Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) justification to invade Iraq in 2003, these latest events are eerily similar. That’s because it is the very same program: vilify your target by way of a false chemical weapon attack on civilians or claims of WMD stockpiles and then invade. If you’re Israel, you would rather the Americans do the heavy lifting for you; and when it’s all over, just hang it around the neck of your gentile scapegoat (President George W. Bush or in this case President Donald J. Trump). The narrative constructed around this incident is yet another series of lies seeded into the culture by way of the mainstream media to legitimize Israel’s Imperialist aspirations in the region. Mundilfury.

Israel carried out air strikes against a Syrian air base early Monday morning and informed the U.S. in advance, two U.S. officials told NBC News.

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